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2009 SALT Awards

SALT Awards

Syracuse Area Live Theater Awards
past and present nominations and winners for
Rarely Done Productions

2009 Winners

Best Original New Production
Werewolf by Len Fonte

Director of the Year: Musical

Dan Tursi

Supporting Actor in a Play

Keegan Lounsbery (Werewolf)

Supporting Actress in a Play

Erin Race (Bash)


2009 Nominations

People’s Choice: Production of the Year

Carrie: The Musical

People’s Choice: Actor of the Year

David Simmons
Jimmy Curtin

Lifetime Achievement

Dan Tursi

Director of the Year Play

Dan Tursi

Musical Director of the Year

Josh Smith

Non-Performing Person of the Year

Pat Marzola

Leading Actor in a Musical

Dana Sovocool (Christmas Survival Guide)

Supporting Actor in a Musical

Shawn Forster (Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical)

Supporting Actress in a Play

Anne Fitzgerald (Poor Super Man)